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Aztlan commitment to the environment

Aztlan Urban Wear t-shirts are made in North America by expert clothiers, seamstresses, graphic designers and serigraphs. Each of these experts are small businesses with something in common - they have worked for some of the biggest brands in USA and Mexico such as GAP, Hard Rock Café, Nike, Adidas, Disney, Marvel, to name a few, and they have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to quality. Finding these people wasn't easy. it took years to get to this point. The benefits I found in dealing with these particular small businesses are their capacity to adapt to my needs, the commitment to deliver what is expected, their eagerness and need to keep me as their client (something we couldn't find with big companies who deal in big numbers and we had to adapt to what they could make instead of making what we wanted). So, we firmly believe that doing business with small companies, in all cases here, family-operated, is part of our commitment to contribute to communities where we operate. 

In a nutshell, our two main (but not limited) contributions to the community are:

- With the environment and future generations by making a t-shirt that will last years looking great and hence you won't throw away any time soon, and by sourcing our fabric from 95% biodegradable materials and 5% recyclable materials, thus minimising our carbon footprint.

- Buying from small businesses and pay them fairly for their work instead of recurring to cheap production and poor workmanship that reign the clothing industry.

We are always thinking about ways we can contribute positively within the communities where we operate.

We do hope you connect with our company and what we are all about. We hope you become one of our happy customers.

Bye for now! Stay well.


Adrian Palacios
Aztlan Urban Wear

Brisbane, Australia team